Final Boss: The Card game base edition

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A competitive card game where players fight monsters, sabotage each other and try to defeat the Final Boss. Check the rulebook on description. Shipping WORLDWIDE


It includes 107 cards, 12 Plastic crystals, 25 Coin tokens and a rulebook. More info here

In Final Boss, players have been swallowed by an evil video game and have to compete against each other to collect Victory Points and defeat the Final Boss.

Every turn, Enemies appear and players will fight them, using their cards to gain an advantage in combat or to sabotage other players. Use your cards wisely and collect as many Victory Points as you can, and you may be able to defeat the Final Boss!
  • Easy to learn game mechanics, get rollin' in a couple of 20 minutes games!
  • All cards in the game have unique effects, which rewards the skill of the player. Use the right card at the right time!
  • All players can influence the game all the time. NO waiting during another player's turn!
  • Turn the tables in your favor with crazy card combos... or get completely screwed by your friends :)
  • Quick and dynamic 30 minutes games
  • Lots of laughs and fierce competition between friends
  • Crazy cards with parodies of your favourite video games
  • Beautiful looking artwork and retro 80s-90s style

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