About Us

We are two geeks from Barcelona which grew up surrounded by videogames, we played and replayed for endless hours classics games (and we still do!). Our tortuous careers finally converged into what we love: creating games.

Luis: Hey! I am the main artist of the game. I grew up playing, among many other games, Sonic 1, 2 and 3 (& Knuckles!). I loved going Hyper Sonic in Angel Island, and I hated Labyrinth Zone. As a kid, I was drawing Sonic ALL THE TIME. A hedgehog that can go Super Saiyan? Yes, please.

Later on, I would never forget the spooky vibe of the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time, and going through the broken bridge to Gerudo's Valley, to finally see what was on the other side. More recently, in the time I find in between illustration and illustration I've been getting all dragon priest masks in Skyrim, and "gitting gud" at Dark Souls. I put a lot of care into making fun and amazing artwork for the cards, I hope you love them

Rafael: Hi! I'm the main designer of the game. When I was little I was an avid reader, and loved to play pen and paper role games (still do). I got a Snes when I was a boy and since then I've been hooked to video games. I probably had too much imagination and was daydreaming too often while at the classroom. 

I got my first computer when I was twelve and since then I've been shooting demons on DOOM and splashing headcrabs on Half-Life. I still ragequit when I get a loosing spree at Counter-Strike. My secret vice is 2D fighting games, but I have never gotten good enough at it. Benimaru and Iori are my favourite characters of all time!

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