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Final Boss

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Free PnP released


Download Final Boss Free Print and Play

You don't need to wait for the kickstarter to play the game, so you guys can enjoy and test it. Your feedback would be much appreciated to improve the game.

have worked very hard to get this done and I'm very happy with the result. I think the gameplay it's fun and unique, specially the combat pile. Also, every effect has been carefully created to add flavor and maximize the strategy behind it.

I would like to thank Luís, Miguel, Jörn, Peer and Aiko for their awesome help! Also thanks to the all our playtesters and to our awesome host at Essen during the Spiel.

Download Final Boss Free Print and Play

This PnP it's released using Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, so anyone can share the game and even create their own versions of it. I encourage any modification of the free print and play edition. Anything from translations or creating cards with your own art or text are very welcome. The only rule is to share alike with non-commercial purpose and to attribute me as the original autor : that means, it should be a free print a play edition and mention that it's a derived work from Final Boss: The Card game.

Well, hope you enjoy it :)

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