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Monday, July 11, 2016

We tried Warlords of Terra and we loved it!

This Saturday we went to Tienda Kaburi in Barcelona to try a game that is now live on Verkami: Warlords of Terra.

Marcos and Rafa were so nice and friendly and we get to know some of the artists that made the awesome illustrations on the game. Seriously, check the art. We had a wonderful game, were I was absolutely obliterated, and then we went for some beers and had a nice chat about gaming, crowdfunding and life in general. We really clicked together and we hope the best for those wonderful guys.

WOT is a battle card game inspired by Magic: The Gathering, but with a tactic twist that makes it an strategical challenge even for the smartest players.
Instead of just casting your creatures, you have to wisely deploy them in the tile battle map and move them around for attack and defend, wile at the same time managing your mana and gold income to have optimal resources for later turns.

To summarize it, it's like if Magic: The Gathering and Heroes of Might and Magic had a baby :)

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