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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jumpy Plumber concepts

Yet another small art update for the card JUMPY PLUMBER. I already decided the pose, now I am experimenting a bit with the style and the details.

Someone in Facebook suggested to make the character hold a wrench, and I thought that to be an excellent idea, so there you have it :)

I didn't want to change the clothes too much, so you have:

  • A: "normal" version
  • B: like A but with the goofy face
  • C: like A but with a tatoo, and slightly larger wrench. The tatoo reads "Save the Princess", the wrench has "Let's-a-kill!" written on it :)
  • D: a badass more dwarf-like version, with a huge wrench, shirtless, muscular and heavy boots. And the blood stains!

We think that C works best. What do you think?

Next I will go with the color scheme and the final illustration.

Wait for it!

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