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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jumpy Plumber lineart

Hi, Luis here!

I am making the art for the card "JUMPY PLUMBER". At the time of writing this, I am about finished with the lineart. Before painting the whole thing, though, it would be really important for us to have your opinion on how this looks so far.

Here, take a look:

It may look like the characters are floating now, but I will add some background with a floor where the characters can "stand" and cast some shadow (hmm... guess that I should be more professional and add it to the lineart...). Points to make:

  • I went with a dark humor / gore tone. Where "Jumpy Plumber" is crushing the goblin goomba-like creatures. The gore / violent idea was actually suggested by someone who saw the previous sketches and we think it is fun :) We must be two sadistic bastards, so let us know your thoughts.
  • I will add (lots of) blood when I do the color.
  • I changed the tattoo in the arm. Instead of "Save the princess" it is now a depiction of a turtle shell with spikes. This was also an idea of some one who commented on Facebook and I loved it (thank you!)

I am quite happy with this, because I think it is obviously Mario. But it is also obvious that it is a crazy parody and not a copyright infringement. We want to avoid any kind of copyright infringement at all costs, and in fact it is one of the main things I keep in mind when I do the art.

I think you can get an idea of how the final version can be. Please comment and let us know what you think!

PS: It looks like those eyes pop a tad too easily!!

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