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Final Boss

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Final Boss: The card game. Rules

Final Boss: The Card Game

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Classic mode (There is Arcade mode, where every time you die, you put €1 into the pot and the winner takes the pot, Permadeath or Hardcore mode, in which a dead player retires from the game, and Speedrun mode, in which each combat only lasts 10s)

Some basics:
  • There are 3 decks: Stages, Enemies and Drops.
  • A turn is the time between 2 different players.
  • A round is the time between 2 turns of the same player.
  • A fight (or combat or battle) is whenever a player is facing an enemy.
  • A Hand, are the cards that a player keeps in his hand, which have not yet been played. There is no limit on how many cards a hand can have.
  • Active Stack are the cards a player has in play in front of him. They can be:
    • Permanent: They are active until they are discarded or player "dies". For example characters and objects equipped
    • Temporary: They are active during a particular period of time, indicated in the card. For example powerups and potions.
    • Instantaneous: They have an immediate effect so they are discarded after their effect has been applied. For example attacks. If a card does not indicate the duration, it will be instant.

  • Discards, are the cards that are no longer in play, because they have been played, have been defeated or otherwise: There is a discard pile for each type of deck. If any deck is finished during the game, the corresponding discard pile is shuffled and put into play again.
  • You can play cards from the hand at any time against any player or enemy. The only exception is when you are in combat, cards can only be played against yourself and your enemy. If you have an assigned enemy, it is considered combat, even if another battle is in action.
  • .Some cards have power value numerically expressed as x / y, x indicating the power of attack and y the power of defense. This values are used in combat, as explained later on.
  • If a player defeats an enemy, they will draw a Drop card and add it to his hand.
  • The goal of the game is to defeat a Final Boss in combat.. Note that only the player in combat against a Final Boss will be considered the winner if the Boss is defeated, no matter which player plays the card that defeats it.

Drop deck is shuffled and 7 cards are dealt to each player, who save them in their hand; and the deck is placed face down in the center of the table to be drawn later on.
Then,Stages and Enemy decks are shuffled and placed face down next to the Drops deck.
Finally, the player to start the game is decided at random. In the following games, the player who won the previous game will be the first to start.

The first player draws a card from Stage deck and places enemies and drops as described in the card. Enemies will battle players following the description of the card. If not indicated, the player in turn decides who faces each enemy (including himself if he wishes). The enemies are placed face down in front of the player battling them. If an enemy carries an extra drop, place it below it, upside down, so the player who defeats it can get the drop at the end of the battle.

Once Stage has been drawn and drops and enemies assigned, each combat is played in the assigned order. When a combat starts, the player fighting flips the enemy card, revealing his opponent.

Example: Metro Stage. Players head to the metro station to catch the train to their destination. You break a trash can on the way, and surprise!: You find an item (draw a Drop). Two enemies appear, the first one attacking the player next to you. The 2nd enemy is carrying an extra Drop.

Thus, the player in turn draws a Drop card and adds it to his hand. After that, draws 2 enemy cards, the first of which places in front of the player next to him, and because the 2nd enemy has no indications who to face, he decides to place it in front of himself. Then, draws another Drop and places it under the 2nd enemy. If he wins his combat, he will collect that drop, plus another one for beating an enemy.

Some Stages may have unique effects in combat and on the players.

Example: Burning Temple. Two enemies appear. All the characters (players and enemies) add 1 Extra damage to any attack received due to sweltering heat. Ancient Curse: Each player exchanges a card from his hand with another player.

Once enemies and drops are placed as directed by the Stage, combat begins.

When a player is in combat with an enemy,  can not cast cards against other players or enemies.

Enemies have a Power value expressed as x / y, the first number value, x,  expressing the attack power and the second, y,  indicating defense. To defeat a player, an enemy must score a higher number of attack than the player’s defense value.The same goes for the player: to defeat an enemy, a player must score a higher number of attack than the enemy's defense value. The base value of a player is 0/0, so to defeat an enemy they must use as many cards as needed such as characters cards, weapon cards, attack cards, or any other card they can play, adding all the Power values (​​x / y) of each card, to obtain the final power value for that turn. The other players who are not in combat may interfere in the battle for or against the player, using cards in their hands. The enemies always attack first unless otherwise indicated.

Example: Player One faces a Velociraptor 3/3, so he plays "Triforce Shield" card from his hand that grants a +3 defense, rejecting the attack.

If the player manages to repel the attack, it’s their turn to attack the enemy.

Example: Now that he’s attacking, Player One decides to use "Gun" from his hand that gives +4/0, so he defeats the Velociraptor. Once defeated, he collects a drop card, which happens to be a “PacMan” character card, which he decides to activate.

Once defeated, the enemy is discarded at the discard pile of enemies and the player draws a drop card.

If the player does not manage to kill an enemy, it will attack the next player.

If the enemy manages to overcome the defense of the player, then he dies. His active cards are discarded and his hand cards are shuffled and dealt among the other players. Once this is done, the player defeated steals a card at random from each player and adds it to his hand. Finally, the enemy will attack the player that he decides.

Example: Player One his victorious against the Velociraptor, but before the end of the fight, Player Two decides to play a card against him (remember that the hand cards can be played whenever a player wants). Thus, Player Two uses "Poison Mushroom" which halves the value of attacking and defending of a player for a turn, meaning that player One loses against the dinosaur and dies. The other players are happily dealt with his cards, while player One stares at Two. “Ok, then I decide the Velociraptor attacks you, player Two” says with anger.

Once all enemies are defeated, the next player's turn begins.

The game ends when a Final Boss appears and one player manages to defeat it, becoming the winner and rescuing the princess. Final Boss enemies are much more powerful than common enemies, and as a peculiarity, they will be discarded once they have defeated a player.

Example: It is player’s One turn again, when he draws a Final Boss card: Donkey Kong with 8/8 power. The card does not indicate who attacks, so player One decides that Donkey Kong attacks player Two. "It's time for revenge." Two has character Double Bros with 2/2 power active in his stack and Pikachu pet with 1/1, totaling a 3/3 power, thereby losing the battle; so he decides to use "Invincible Star" card, making his defense infinite during a turn, successfully repelling DK barrel. Now attacks player Two, who needs to add at least 6 points for a total of 9. Using "Fire Flower" adds 3/0 during a turn and decides to also activate "Master Sword" that adds 3 / 2 to his power, defeating Donkey Kong and winning the game. "Hehe, kept these two for the end"

If the player fails to defeat the Final Boss, this is discarded and the game continues with the "dead" player losing his cards, same as a death dealt by a regular enemy.

Example: Continuing the example above, Player One exclaims "Not so fast" and uses "Sands of Time" making the turn of a player be reset to the beginning, discarding all the cards played during that turn,except for Stages  and Enemy cards.
¿¡WHAAAAAAAT !? Player Two exclaims, returning to the original 3/3 state of his character and pet. Without enough cards, player Two is defeated by D.K. and his hand is dealt between the other players. "Revenge is a dish best served cold”'exclaims player One with a smug smile on his face.

Once the combat ends, D. K. It is discarded, and the game continues until another Final Boss appears to be defeated.

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