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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Card list #1

This is a work in progress list of cards. More cards need to be added.Make sure to propose yours in this thread, or by creating another thread. At the moment, many cards lack power values or even description, and for those who have them, the values and effects have not been well rounded to make the game balanced. We think this list can give you a general idea of what the game will be like. Also, all names will be changed to parody names, so not to break any copyright.

The characters are a type of drop that you can activate permanently in your stack. You can only have one active character at a time, unless a card indicates otherwise.
Each characters have values ​​of power X / X as enemies, which are added to the player's power base. Characters can not be discarded, unless the player dies or a card says so.

  • (Link): 2/2 Item Master: Adds a 1/1 extra for each weapon or object that has active. Everyone calls you Zelda, although that’s the name of the princess who must rescue ...
  • (Pac-Man): 2/1 Glutton: You can eat cards from your hand to add 1/1 during a turn. Eaten cards are discarded
  • (Ruy + Ken): 3/3 Round 2: Discard this character and all the active cards, to reset a lost battle.
  • Dragon Bro: 2/2 Double Bro: This character allows you to activate another character in your stack, adding their power and abilities.
  • BattleToad + Ninja Turtle
  • Zaggar (Zangief + Haggar)
  • Viking Girl (Golden Axe) Dual Wielding: You can equip two weapons at once, adding their power and properties.
  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat): 2/2 Fatality: Adds a 1/0 for each enemy you defeat. Save each defeated enemy in your stack to remember the total bonus.
  • Plumber (Mario): 1/1 Mount Jump: Sacrifice an active mount discarding its card, to skip a whole turn as it never happened.
  • Megaman + Samus Aran
  • Tron
  • Pokemon Hunter: 1/1 Enslaver: You can equip as many pets as you like.
  • Shooter: Camper: you always attack first “One shot… one kill”
  • Priest Conversion (Age of Empires) 1/1 You can convert an enemy in your character, discarding this card.
  • Cloud:
  • Rambo worm (Earth Worm Jim + Worms):
  • Kratos: 2/2 but 4/4 against Final Bosses

Pets work like the characters: only one can be active at a time, they can not be discarded and their power is added to the total power of a player.

  • Companion Cube: 0/3
  • 3 headed monkey: 1/1 If you insult him with a rhyme, it can become pet. Anyone who wants to use a card against you MUST use a rhyme first
  • Pikachu: 1/1 Evolution: Add another pet card below this one to add both power values.
  • Boo the Space Hamster: 1/1 Fury: Discard this card and add 3/3 during a round. “Go for the eyes”
  • Magikarp: -1/-1 You can equip this card to other players

Same as pets, only one can be active at a time, they can not be discarded and their power is added to the total power of a player.

  • Yoshi: 1/1 YumYum: You can eat a card played against you, neutralizing its effect, and besides stealing a drop. Discard this mount after doing so.
  • mechanical wolf
  • tyrannosaurus
  • Hoverboard
  • TurboShark
  • kart
  • Carmagedon
  • Flappy Bird
  • chocobo
  • tank
  • Flying delorean
  • Millenium Falcon
  • Mecharaptor

Weapons are a type of permanent Drop which is activated in your stack and adds bonuses to the players X / X values, plus some special skills described in the letter. Like the characters, only one can be active at the same time a weapon but if the player wants, a weapon can be discarded to equip another one.

  • Pipe: 2/0
  • Master Sword: 3/2
  • Holy Hand Grenade:
  • Katana: 2/1
  • Laser Gun from Another World: 2/2 Laser Shield: Allows you to cancel one card that is sent against you. Discard this card.
  • Crowbar 2/0: Discard this weapon and draw 3 drops.
  • Barrel: 3/0 Discard this weapon after a fight. Draw a drop
  • Gun: 4/0 Discard this weapon after a fight.
  • Knife: 1/1 "throw" this weapon, adding 2/2 instead of 1/1, but discard it at end of combat.
  • Flamethrower: 6/0 Discard this weapon after combat
  • Hammer Kong:
  • Bow and arrows:
  • Laser sword
  • Explosive Barrel: 5/0 attacks all enemies. Discard after combat
  • Minecraft Pickaxe: 1/1 Combine this card with another weapon combining both cards power and skills. (can only combine one weapon)
  • Gunblade: Sword + revolver.
  • Shotgun: +5/0. Ammunition: Discard a card from your hand by each combat you use the shotgun
  • Chainsaw
  • Golden Gun: 10/0. Discard this weapon after combat
  • Explosive Sheep
  • Soul Edge: 3/3. Cursed. You can not discard this weapon unless another card allows it.
  • Thorn of the demon king. Cursed Sword. 6/1. You can discard this weapon only if you die.

This drops can be activated permanently, in any number and combined with a weapon.

  • Gauntlets of strength: 2/0
  • Triforce Shield: 0/3
  • Fairy Potion: The player does not die after a defeat. The enemy attacks whom he chooses. Discard this card after a defeat.
  • Chainmail: 1 / 2
  • Hazard Suit: 1/4 Power Cells: You need to power up this suit at the begining of every combat you engage, discarding one card from your hand.
  • Saddle: Turns an active character from any player into your mount
  • Ring of Power: 2/2 If you draw the Mordor card, while having this card in your stack, you win the game.
  • Swimming fins: You are immune to water effects
  • Fire: You are immune to fire effects
  • Fruit: Adds 1/1 to your pet

These cards have a wide variety of effects and duration so they are considered special cards that can be used at any time. If the duration is not indicated, discard them after use.

  • Food(Pizza, hamburger, chicken, cake, Coke, etc): 0 / X during a turn. You eat a meal and regain part of your life
  • Star: It makes you invincible throughout a turn 0 / Infinity
  • Escape Wings: You run away from a fight and you choose to which player your enemy attacks.
  • Pacman Pill: 0/infinite You eat your attacker, winning a combat. Bosses are immune to this effect.
  • Chest: You draw 2 drops
  • Chicken and Pulley: Allows you to discard a Stage, and steal another one.
  • Glitch: The game freezes, the screen shakes, and everybody dies. "This game is bugging again..."
  • Save Game: When you play this card, the effect of death is cancelled.
  • Cardboard Box: You hide in a box and run away from combat. Choose who your enemy faces
  • Mushroom: 2/2 for one turn
  • Pick Pockets Level 10: Draw a card at random from a player of your choice
  • Sands of Time: Allows you to reset a player's turn. All cards played during that turn are discarded, except for the Stage and Enemies cards.
  • Curse: Choose a weapon to be cursed, which could not be discarded unless the spell remove curse is played
  • Remove curse, removes one curse from a weapon
  • Tangled wires: Have you been playing with the wrong gamepads?! Choose a player to exchange all your active stack.
  • Cheat: God Mode: Invincible during an entire round (0/infinite).
  • Cheat: Infinite Gold: Draw 5 drop cards.
  • Fury: The enemy of your choice adds 3/3 to his power
  • Poison: Reduce by half the power of a player during a turn
  • Hadouken: Add 2/0 to a combat
  • Kick hurricane: 3/0 against all enemies for a turn
  • Grab'n throw: Grab an enemy and throw him against a player you chose, to engage them in combat. The enemy suffers -2/-2 for the throw.
  • Rain of fists: 3/3 For a turn.
  • Bomb: 4/0 against an enemy
  • Cerebral crab: Convert an enemy in your pet
  • BlueShell: The player with the most cards in his hand dies.
  • POW Block: Destroy all enemies. The Bosses are not affected
  • Hurricane Suplex: 5/0 against an enemy. The floor crumbles: Any other enemy assigned to you attacks a player of your choice
  • Achievement unlock:
  • SuperSayan: You gain infinite power for one turn. Also, your hair turns yellow. This card also works against Final Bosses
  • Headshot: A sniper killed your character. "Damn squeaker kids!"
  • Portal Gun: Swap positions or seats at the table with the player of your choice. If one of the players is engaged in combat, the other player will resume his/her combat "All the cake is gone"
  • Dungeon Master: Redistribute enemies for one turn
  • Triforce of Power: If you collect the other 2 Triforces win the game
  • Triforce of Wisdom: If you collect the other 2 Triforce win the game
  • Triforce of Courage: If you collect the other 2 Triforce win the game
  • Confusion: You draw a random card from each player’s hand.
  • Player Selection Screen: You can exchange your character with the character of another player
  • Game Settings: change the difficulty of the game. Add or subtract 5/5 from an enemy or Final Boss
  • Zero Gravity: All players and enemies gets -2 / + 2 “Open console and type: change_grav_0”
  • Summon: Draw an enemy card and choose which player attacks. It can attack an enemy if you wish, adding it’s power to the player facing the enemy.
  • Control Settings: Choose two players to exchange hands.
  • Map: The following will be your turn. In addition, you draw 5 Stage cards and choose which one is played.
  • Beta tester: Chose a player who can not use his hand for a turn. “Thanks for buying the beta. Full game will be delayed a little longer”
  • Rain of cows: 10/10 against a single Final Boss.
  • Player 2 Press Start: You can activate an extra character
  • Insert Coin: Discard a card on your hand and allows you to reset a fight
  • Continue: Instead of dying, just discard your active stack and start the combat again.
  • Energy Absorption: Play this card to nullify another card. In addition, you add that card to to your hand.
  • Pokeball: You steal a pet from another player
  • Bullet Time: All players get 3/3 for the turn
  • Pong bar: You can redirect you card played against you to the player you want
  • Vampiric blood. If your die, you can play this to prevent effects of death and add a +3/+3 to one of your characters. If you die again, you will only take half the cards from other players (rounding up).
  • Nitro: You boost your stats. Add 2/2. If you have a mount, add 3/3
  • All your base are belong to us

Enemies are cards the players fight against. If a Stage card does not indicate who an enemy attacks, or can not be determined from the description, then the player who has drawn the Stage will decide who to attacks. Each enemy attacks alone, unless is told otherwise.

  • Evil piece of Tetris
  • Regular Punk
  • Muscle Punk
  • Zombie
  • Lemming: 1/1
  • Fat Punk
  • Cyborg
  • Werewolf
  • DOOM enemies??
  • Punk Bitch
  • Koopa
  • Ghost (Pac-Man)
  • Pirate Ninja
  • Ninja Pirate
  • Alien Abomination (dead space + alien) 5/5
  • Punk knive
  • Punk Flame
  • Foot Clan (Ninja Turtles)
  • Punk Rat (Battletoads)
  • Velociraptor Laser
  • Summoner: Draw another enemy card and add its power and description to the combat.
  • Puzzle Bubble
  • Metroid
  • Banzai Bill
  • Minecraft Creeper
  • Item Eater (Zelda) The player fighting against the Item Eater has to discard a weapon or equipment from his active stack.
  • Black Mirror (Prince of Persia) The player faces a dark clone of himself, with the same power value as him at the time that this card is flipped.
  • Thief: The player facing this enemy has to discard a random card from his hand.
  • Piñata Gnome (Golden Axe): 0/7. If defeated, the player draws 3 drops.
  • Goo: 3/3. When this enemy is defeated, it will become 3 1/1 enemies that will attack the player who defeated it, and the next two players.

Those are the cards that decide a game. They are mixed in the same deck as enemies, and the player who faces a Final Boss has to defeat it in the same way as defeating a regular enemy. Final Bosses are harder to defeat though, because they have much more power than regular enemies. Note that if the Final Boss defeats a player, the Final Boss will be discarded after a fight (rather than attacking another player like a normal mob would do), and the game resumes normally.

  • Space Invaders: 8/7 attacks all players (Final Boss). Start attacking player who has stolen the card phase and continues attacking players in turn order.
  • Croc King (Bowser) 
  • Final Final Boss (A giant shadow that holds the Earth in his hands)
  • Dracula (Castlevania)
  • Psychomantis
  • Majora’s Mask Moon
  • Katamari King
  • Mother Brain
  • Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Donkey Kong
  • Abobo
  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Horde of Kamikaze Lemmings: 6/6 must face this final boss for 10 consecutive combats to defeat it. Each combat is considered a completely new
  • Crazy German Kid: 6/6 His screams prevents any player to use any cards on their hand.
  • Mecha Hitler

Each player draws a card from the Stages deck at the beginning of their turn. Each Stage card contains a description explaining how many enemies and drops are drawn and which players gets each of them. If there is no indication of who will face an enemy, the player drawing the Stage card will choose who to attack.

  • Bonus stage: Destroy the car to win prizes! Draw a drop for every 2 points of attack that you have for that turn.
  • Infested Mansion: 5 enemies appear
  • Underwater stage: All players receive a -2 / -2 to their power. Two enemies appear
  • Tactic Stage: ???
  • Mordor: two enemies appear. Add 2/2 power to every enemy.
  • 3rd Reich Stage: 3 enemies appear 
  • Burning Temple: All the characters (players and enemies) add 1 extra damage to any attack received due to sweltering heat. Ancient curse: Each player exchanges a card from his hand with another player.
  • CastleVenue: 1 enemy attacks you.
  • Level One Village: 3 enemies who become rats appear. Any active enemy becomes 1/1 except Final Bosses. "Killing rats is the best way to earn XP"
  • Star World: Draw one drop
  • Metro Stage: Players head to the metro station to catch the train to their destination. You break a trash can on the way, and surprise: You find an item (draw a Drop). Two enemies appear, the first one attacking the player next to you. The 2nd enemy is carrying an extra Drop
  • Age of Empires: 5 enemies appear.
  • Nuclear Bunker: Press the red button and every other player dies..
  • Battle Arena: Choose 2 players to fight each other. The loser dies
  • Batcave: Draw 2 drops. Two enemies appear, attacking you combining their power.
  • Ice: -2 / -2 to all players . 1 enemy attacks you.
  • Pokemon Gym: Chose 2 pets from 2 different players to fight. The winner draws 3 drops and the loser discards it’s pet.
  • Winterfell: -1 / -1 to every player. Everyone is your enemy: 3 enemies attack you.
  • Secret Stage: If your power adds more than 15 between attack and defense, you find the golden gem that gives you 3/3 during a round. Save this card in your hand to remember
  • Volcano: All players suffer -3/0. Two enemies appear attacking the two following players
  • Swamp: Players receive 0 / -2. 3 enemies appear. The first attacks you. The second one carries an extra drop.
  • Space Stage: All players get -2 /+2. 1 enemy appears
  • Tiny Planet:
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Koopa Castle: Enemies add+1/0. 3 enemies appear, attacking the 3 tallest players in order of taller to shorter. 3rd enemy carries and extra drop
  • Street of Rage: 2 enemies attack each player. The second one of each carries an extra drop.
  • Hostage Rescue: Each player draws a drop
  • Jail: You lose your weapons and equipment. An enemy appears.
  • Hyrule Castle: + 1 / + 1 to all players. One enemy attacks each player.
  • Pacman maze:
  • Minesweeper: If your defense plus attack is an even number you die. If its and odd number, draw three drops.
  • Pirate game: You have to reinstall your operating system and format the hard drive. You can not use any card from your hand during a round. "I think
    that crack was carrying a virus ..."
  • Full moon night: 3 enemies appear. If enemies are ghosts, zombies or werewolf, they double their power 
  • StarRoad: All active mounts are discarded. Two enemies appear
  • Tower of Magic: 4 enemies that attack the 4 players with less cards on their hands
  • Trap!: 3 enemies appear. The first one attacks you. In addition you lose -2 / -2 for a turn.
  • Temple of power: + 2 / + 2 yourself. An enemy appears, carrying an extra drop
  • Self-destructing Spaceship: One enemy attacks you. If you lose, all players die.
  • Kart Circuit: Each player draws a drop. Two enemies appear
  • Jungle: 3 enemies appear. The first carries an extra drop
  • Secret Laboratory: an enemy appears. The player defeating the enemy draws 5 Drops, and chooses one to keep in his hand.
  • Cemetery:
  • Desert
  • Lake
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Giant Stomach: "Oh no! You have been swallowed by the Gigantosaurus Rex! "
  • Black hole
  • Center of the Earth
  • Mars
  • Uninhabited planet
  • NeoTerra:
  • Feudal Japan
  • Feudal Europe
  • Ancient Rome
  • PostApoc Hell
  • Meteor shower
  • Fight Pit: You face in combat the player to your right
  • Alien Genocide: All human characters are discarded
  • Treasuries: an enemy appears carrying 5 Drop
  • Trackmania: Each player can only use one card from his hand. Three enemies appear.
  • Air Force One on fire: 1 enemy appears. Players may only play one card from their hand during this turn. "There is no time, Mr. President, we're going to crash!"
  • Pinball: The players exchange a card from each’s hand at random among them
  • E.T. the videogame: You found a game of E.T: You die. No card can save you. "WORST.GAME.EVER."

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